50 Ways To Feel Happier In 5 Minutes.


It’s easy to focus on the negatives in your life. Life can sometimes feel like a long struggle to find happiness and to create the future you desire. But I’ve found the way to happiness is to enjoy the present moment. Focus on the beauty that is already in your life and make each day the best it can possibly be. Here is a list of fifty things that will make you happier in as little as five minutes:

1. Listen to the birds chirping.

2. Close your eyes and enjoy five minutes of silence.

3. Go for a walk in nature.

4. Go cloud-watching.

5. Walk barefoot on grass.

6. Tell the people in your life that you love them.

7. Mindfully enjoy every meal you eat.

8. List ten things you are grateful for.

9. Read a book.

10. Have a relaxing bubble bath.

11. Go for a walk in the rain.

12. Sing in the shower.

13. Listen to your favourite song.

14. Dance like nobody’s watching.

15. Take some photographs.

16. Go for a run.

17. Write in a journal about how you feel.

18. Tidy the house.

19. Meditate.

20. Do five minutes of yoga.

21. Hug a loved one.

22. Look in the mirror and pick five things you love about yourself.

23. Spend some time with friends.

24. Cuddle your pets.

25. Help someone less fortunate than you.

26. Pamper yourself.

27. Call your parents.

28. Have a cup of coffee.

29. Look at old pictures that bring back memories.

30. Forgive someone.

31. Watch a sunset or sunrise.

32. Light some candles.

33. Listen to a podcast.

34. Cook something delicious for dinner.

35. Have sex.

36. Drink Hot Chocolate.

37. Laugh.

38. Go shopping.

39. Listen to thunder and lightning.

40. Have a cup of tea.

41. Bake some cookies.

42. Go swimming.

43. Have a movie marathon.

44. Go to a music gig.

45. Have a nap.

46. Eat some chocolate.

47. Go out for a meal at a restaurant.

48. Colour.

49. Try something new.

50. Smile.

None of these things will magically make you happy with your life overnight but I believe that life is definitely more enjoyable when we start to enjoy the little things.

What other ways can you think of to feel happy in just five minutes?


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