Gaming For Relaxation.

Just as with books, films, and music, gaming is a way to escape the pressures of the world and switch Read more

Seven Ways To Improve Your Self-Esteem.

Here are seven ways you can improve your self esteem: 1. Do Not Compare Yourself To People Who Are Famous Read more

Learning To Love The Gym.

I have never enjoyed exercise. As a child I detested P.E lessons, was never into sports teams, and this continued Read more

Keeping Yourself Afloat.

We can often feel like we’re drowning, and like everything is too overwhelming and too much. We can be loaded Read more

How You Can Practice Self-Care.

This article is inspired by the hashtag #SelfCareSunday seen trending on twitter, and the fact that it was Mental Health Read more

5 Reasons To Never Stop Learning.

I recently began a Master’s degree in Creative Writing. This is completely different to my undergraduate degree of Psychology BSc, Read more

The Pros And Cons Of Interrailing.

Last summer, five of my closest friends and I went interrailing around Europe. We visited Milan, Venice, Prague, Budapest, Vienna Read more

Why Strong Female Friendships Are Important To Have In Your Life.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always had a group of female friends. The transition has gone from pretending to Read more

Plan Your Way To Happiness.

I LOVE stationary, I love writing, and I love being happy. If you are like me and want something to Read more

Beauty In Barcelona

During April, I was lucky enough to visit the beautiful city of Barcelona for a few days with a couple Read more

Self-Love On Valentine’s Day.

The idea behind Valentine’s Day, a day to celebrate love, is actually really nice. Yet it seems like in modern Read more

The Charcoal Solution For Oily Skin.

Everybody has different skin types, and I happen to have a ridiculously oily complexion. I am skin lucky, in that Read more

What I Learned Living Abroad For A Month.

This year I lived in Berlin for the whole of July whilst partaking in a writing work experience course. I Read more
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