Friday's Fixin's: Bring on the Juice!


Thanksgiving has been a glorious day. Full of friends, family, fun and food…Silver Lining upon Silver Lining. I may have overdone the food part. Ok, I definitely overdid the food part. I jumped (leaped is a better description!) off the vegan train. When I jump, I jump in a BIG way.

While everything tasted sooooo good going in, I’m not feeling so hot right now. Par for the course, I know. I also know that every once in a while it’s great to indulge.

The way that I balance the indulgence is with juicing.  So, I am going back to my favorite juicing book, Super Cleanse by Adina Niemerow and my favorite juice recipe, Heavenly Green Juice.

This is what I’ll be having tomorrow.  How about you?

Here is Adina’s book. I highly recommend it!

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