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Juicing for Health

Juicing for health is a daily part of my life. Until my breast cancer diagnosis, juicing had never been my thing. I always perceived it to be tedious, messy and (especially for all of the work) not so tasty.  Also (it must be said) whenever I drank green juice, I always seemed to spend the rest of the day burping.  Gross, I know.

No longer. Now, I crave juice. Everyday. The Silver Lining is that there is a bit of a juice craze going on which means that juice keeps getting more and more delicious, with the exception of wheatgrass. When it comes to wheatgrass, I drink it because it is so extraordinarily good for me, but I do still pinch my nose when it goes down the gullet.

Juicing is incredibly healthy. It provides vital nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals for our bodies to repair themselves, strengthen the immune system and for cell regeneration and growth. The antioxidant effects of juices help detoxify ...

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Friday's Fixin's: Bring on the Juice!

Thanksgiving has been a glorious day. Full of friends, family, fun and food…Silver Lining upon Silver Lining. I may have overdone the food part. Ok, ...

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Herbal Aloe Juice: The Ultimate Plumber

One of the particularly unsavory side effects of my experience with FBC was/is digestive plumbing issues (that is the most ladylike way I could come ...

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Juicing Craze

As you can tell by now, I am a little cuckoo about juicing, and why not? It’s a great way to achieve and maintain your ...

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Friday's Fixin's: Happy Dance Juice

Ok, Happy Dance Juice isn’t really the name of this super yummy beverage, but it might as well be.  It’s actually called: Fresh Strawberry, Apple ...

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SL Book: The Juicing Bible

A dear friend sent me The Juicing Bible by Pat Crocker. Oh my gosh. It is AMAZING. I am so excited about it!  As you ...

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Friday's Fixin's: Juices

A Silver Lining of FBC is that I have learned an extraordinary amount about nutrition, most of which I try to share with you here. ...

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Friday's Fixin's: Juice

Juicing has never been my favorite thing. There. I said it. I've always perceived it to be tedious, messy and (especially for all of the work) not so tasty. Since my breast cancer diagnosis, however, I'm much more open to shedding preconceived notions!

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Super Spectacular (& Simple) Smoothie!

Below is a smoothie/protein shake that is fueling and incredibly delicious…and I did I mention fast and EASY (Silver Lining!)?

Hope you enjoy!


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