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Flaxseed Oil & Seeds: The When, Why & How during Cancer Treatment

Flaxseed oil and seeds (also known as linseed) have both been promoted as valuable substances for preventing cancer, but when I was in the middle of treatment, I wondered whether it was safe to consume? Here’s the thing: it is always important to double and triple check with your oncologist and/or dietician what you can take (or not take!) during treatment because any food or supplement can potentially negatively interact with medications. And why on earth would you want to potentially undo the hard work of your treatments?!? Just saying…

The Silver Lining is that experts seem to consistently agree that is is both safe and effective during cancer treatment (and my doctor and dietician corroborated). I’m such a huge fan & eat it every day.

There are many great reasons for consuming Flaxseed.

  • It is one of the best sources of Omega-3 fatty acids, which may not only protect against the development of cancer but may also shrink tumors and prevent the muscle loss
  • ...

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    Friday's Fixin's: Best Travel Snacks

    This weekend, another travel adventure begins!  I’m heading to New York for work (meetings) and play (friends & fashion week). I always equate New York ...

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    Silver Lined Discoveries: Beanitos Black Bean Chips

    In searching for something to munch with my new favorite bean salad, I came across quite possibly the most joy inducing product I’ve found ...

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    Friday’s Fixin’s: Baked Apple Cinnamon Spice Chips

    After being gone for 4 days, I was in serious need of some time with our daughter, a/k/a Sweetly Six.  I’ve been eying this recipe ...

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    Friday's Fixin's: Stupendous Snacks

    Since my breast cancer diagnosis (and especially in the bottomless pit of chemo despair), I have found that I am so much more focused on what I put into my body. While I was a healthy eater prior to this FBC nonsense, I do admit to having some unhealthy proclivities, e.g., skipping the occasional meal...or having one "big" meal/day....or not getting enough fiber and a few other unmentionables. I am learning though...which is a Silver Lining!

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    Friday's Fixin's: Kale Chips

    Kale is widely considered the yardstick by which all other foods are measured. Health benefits are extraordinary and include risk-lowereing for breast cancer. Hope you enjoy this Silver Lined Kale Chip recipe.

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