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Poetry Month

April is Poetry Month

April is Poetry Month. I know, I know. It is the end of the month already.  So sorry. I’ve been a little, well, busy. Long-time readers know that I developed a love of poetry when I had FBC. There was something about being sooooooo slowed down that enabled me to enjoy poetry in a way that I never had before. Cultivating an appreciation for and love of poetry was definitely a Silver Lining of FBC. Poet Pamela Spiro Wagner has written a sublime beginners guide to reading poetry, in poem form of course. Turns out, mastering poetry is a lot like mastering life: totally doable and utterly enjoyable.  Hope that you enjoy!

How to Read a Poem: A Beginner’s Manual by Pamela Spiro Wagner

First, forget everything you have learned,

that poetry is difficult,

that it cannot be appreciated by the likes of you,

with your high school equivalency diploma,

your steel-tipped boots,

or your white-collar misunderstandings.


Do not assume meanings hidden from ...

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Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day: Life in a Love

Life in a Love

Hope that this poem inspires you this week!...

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The Beautiful Present

The Beautiful Present

The past, the future and the present are all things that percolate in my mind. We can’t stop ourselves from thinking about ...

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The Voice by Shel Silverstein

Shel Silverstein is at the tippy top of our list of favorite authors. I mean, really. What a gifted – truly gifted – writer he ...

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Summer Sun – Robert Louis Stevenson

 Wishing you a day full of sunshine, both inside and out!


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Welcome, June! by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Can you even believe that it is June? I mean, really. J.U.N.E.?!? I am baffled by how quickly this year is going. I mean really. ...

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A Glass of Water by May Sarton

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend. I hope that you enjoy this inspiring poem (at least I think it is inspiring), Glass of Water, ...

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Sweet May – Heinrich Heine


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Have I? – Mary Oliver

Mary Oliver is my all-time favorite poet. I love every piece I’ve ever read from her. Her poem, The Gardner, is at the tippy top ...

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Unsaid by Dana Gioia


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Poetry Series: The Breeze At Dawn – Rumi

Good Morning!  We’ve had a great deal of wind in Santa Barbara the past few days. My oh my. As you may recall, poetry has ...

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