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Giving Tuesday 2014 | The Silver Pen

Giving Tuesday 2014

Giving Tuesday 2014

Knowing that today is Giving Tuesday is a Silver Lining start to the day! Since Thanksgiving, we’ve had plenty of days focused on shopping with “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” but now it’s time for the feel good day…”Giving Tuesday”.

I believe that it’s incredibly important to teach children about philanthropy early in life. By the time children turn 3, they begin to understand and respect the fact that each and every person has feelings. Therefore, children can begin to develop a sense of compassion which is the foundation of charitable thinking. Our daughter, a/k/a Excitedly Eight did her first service projects while she was in preschool.

Giving back has always been a core value of our family. We talk the talk and then walk the walk. I believe that it is incredibly important to lead by example. In fact, on Thanksgiving we started volunteering at the Organic Soup Kitchen (only in Santa Barbara, I know!). Their mission is to “provide organic, ...

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What Food Banks Need | The Silver Pen

What Food Banks Need

On Thursday, the three of us (the HOTY, Excitedly Eight and I) are going to serve Thanksgiving Dinner at a homeless shelter in Santa Barbara. ...

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Giving Tuesday 2013

Giving Tuesday 2013

Knowing that today is Giving Tuesday is a Silver Lining start to the day! Since Thanksgiving, we’ve had plenty of days focused ...

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Giving: Imerman Angels 1-on-1 Cancer Support Connecting Cancer Fighters, Survivors & Caregivers

Recently, I had the great, Silver Lined opportunity to meet Jonny Imerman. Oh my goodness. He is literally an angel in this (cancer) world....

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Giving: Girls Inc.

Today, I am honored and excited to be the Keynote Speaker for the 28th Annual One Hundred Committee Luncheon of Girls Inc. Santa Barbara. I ...

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Giving: LiveStrong Community Impact Project

Is there a better way to start the week than by giving back?  It’s my favorite way to start any day, much less week. Granted, ...

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Giving: MusiCares

This weekend, the HOTY (a/k/a Husband of the Year for new readers) and I attended the MusiCares Person of the Year 
event in Los Angeles. ...

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The Ultimate Gift

A Silver Lining  of my weekend filled with the omnipresent sadness from the Sandy Hook tragedy was learning about Dalton Dingus. Dalton is a ...

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Gift Guide: J.Crew + Teach For America

Every year, I look so forward to The Silver Pen Gift Guide. Giving gifts is so much fun!  Part of the joy comes from ...

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Giving: Where Does Your Money Go?

Ever since I started writing the “Giving” category, people have asked me “How do I know where my money goes?” or ...

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Giving: Army of Women

Recently I had the great good fortune to learn about the Dr. Susan Love Army of Women Program. Wowsy bowsy. It’s really amazing and I ...

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