Silver Linings In Family

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Notes to My Daughter

This is the first summer that my Baby Girl (who is now NINE!) is going to overnight, sleep away camp. You all met her shortly after my FBC diagnosis, when she was a wee one, just 4 3/4.  I am astounded by how quickly time has passed.  I know that we all say it. But really. There are days when I can still hardly even believe that I am actually a mother, not to mention the fact that she is NINE and going AWAY for three whole weeks! Wowsy bowsy.

The truth of the matter, however, is that I am completely psyched for her.  She is an independent, strong-willed, curious and joyous girl who is ready to spread her wings.  Further, I’m ready to not only let her, but watch her soar.

On the eve of her departure, I am writing a letter to her and including (among other things) these 10 notes:

  • Live in the moment. Don’t let life pass by in a blur, 
  • ...

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    University of Iowa Dance Marathon

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    Inspiring YouTube Sensation Talia Joy Castellano Dies

    Unfortunately, I have just learned the sad, sad news that Talia Joy Castellano, the inspiring and uplifting YouTube sensation has died of cancer. Talia was diagnosed... continue reading

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    The Oklahoma Tornado - How to Talk to Children about Tragedy and Disaster

    On Monday, May 20th, an Oklahoma tornado crashed through suburbs, leveling entire neighborhoods, setting buildings on fire and landing a direct blow to an elementary... continue reading

    How to Talk With Children about a Cancer Diagnosis

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    The Silver Lining Video Series: How to Talk With Children About Cancer

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    A Child's Goodbye

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    Helping Teens When a Parent has Cancer

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    Teachable Moment

    This morning, I woke up to: "Momma! Momma! There is a baby bird shivering outside on the patio!" Oh great. What a (non)perfect way to start the day. I stumbled out of bed to find a baby hummingbird humming its final tune. My heart sank. Where oh where is the Silver Lining here? Ahhh, 'tis an opportunity for a very special teachable moment.

    Questions Children Ask About Cancer

    Since I've been home and recovering, Finally Five has been revisiting a lot of the original questions about FBC as well as asking some new ones. So, I thought I'd take this opportunity to share with you her questions and our answers.

    Bambino Red Gate Adventure

    This weekend, the HOTY (a/k/a Husband of the Year) and our daughter Finally Five came for a visit.  I was out of my mind excited... continue reading

    Discussing Chemotherapy with Children

    Once you move past the point of telling children about FBC, it is important to tell them that you are always available to talk about... continue reading

    Bambino Update

    It occurred to me that I never told you how our conversation went with 4 3/4. Oops. Looking so forward to getting some brain function... continue reading

    Discussing Cancer with Children

      We have four wonderful children in our family, three of whom happen to be incredible adult men. We have spoken honestly and candidly with... continue reading

    Ways to Ask How was school today?

    Ways to Ask How was school today? It never fails, when I pick up our daughter (a/k/a Excitedly Eight) from school, I always ask “How... continue reading

    Children Learn What They Live With

    Children Learn What They Live With Hiiiiii!  Wowsy, have I ever been MIA. I hope that you will forgive me.  My absence is explained by... continue reading

    Get Kids Moving

    Get Kids Moving Despite the fact that the HOTY and I love to exercise, our daughter – the thespian! – isn’t so into it.  Here... continue reading

    10 Things to Inspire Exercise in Children

    10 Things to Inspire Exercise in Children Exercise has always been – and continues to be – very important to the HOTY and me.  In... continue reading

    (Not!) Making Promises

    (Not!) Making Promises In building healthy relationships with our children, I firmly believe that it is important that our words and our actions match. I... continue reading

    Helping Children Express Their Feelings

    After years spent as a bedside nurse and social worker, my clinical work now consists of co-facilitating support groups for children, including helping children express... continue reading

    Parenting Manifesto by Brene Brown

    In thinking about today’s earlier post about encouraging children to express their emotions, I am reminded of the great Parenting Manifesto by Brene Brown. Have you seen it? If not,... continue reading

    Children's Series: 5 to 7 Year Shift

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    Children's Series: Approach-Approach Conflict

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    Talking with Children about Tragedy

    With the tragic, unthinkable, and unbearable mass shooting in Connecticut on Friday, the world is reeling. This massacre didn’t just happen in Sandy Hook. It... continue reading

    Children's Series: Coping with Back to School Jitters

    Happy Monday! Today, I am super honored and excited to introduce you to Dr. Deborah Roth Ledley, a psychologist at the Children’s Center for OCD and Anxiety and... continue reading

    Children's Series: Talking with Children About Miscarriage

    Today at lunch a girlfriend told me about me a really yucky story, one that involves having to tell her daughter (who happens to be... continue reading

    Children's Series #1: Helping Children Cope With a Disaster

    This week I have some new goodies (that I am giddy about!) planned for The Silver Pen. The first is a new series on topics... continue reading

    9 Essential Things Kids Need to Learn

    I recently came across this blog post written by Leo Babauta on Zen Habits and loved it. Goose bump kind of love. So much so... continue reading

    100th Day of School

    Today is a very special day for our daughter, a/k/a Sweetly Six. It is her 100th day of school.  I don’t ever remember celebrating this... continue reading

    Caring for Children When a Parent Dies

    As you know from my last post, a dear friend of mine is dying. She was an incredible light in this world and will be... continue reading

    Truth is Ageless

    Unfortunately, challenging life circumstances abound (e.g., illness, divorce). No one is left untouched. The Silver Lining, though, is that there are tools...ways to communicate with and include children so that it is possible to not only survive, but sometimes even thrive!

    Happy Father's Day!

    Wishing you and all of the dad’s in your life a beautiful Father’s Day, full of Silver Linings and gratitude.  

    Eleven is a Very Good Number

    Today is a very Silver Lined day because the HOTY (Husband Of The Year…three years running!) and I are celebrating our 11th Wedding Anniversary. 11 years.... continue reading

    The HOTY's Birthday!

    Today is the HOTY’s birthday!  YIPPPEEEE! If you happen to see him or talk with him, please give him lots of Birthday Love. He is... continue reading

    The HOTY Returns

    Today is Hollye’s birthday. What a difference a year makes. Last year we were preparing for chemo cocktails, this year the splendid wines of Napa.... continue reading

    Ten is a Silver Lined Number

    Today is an especially Silver Lined day because it is our 10th Wedding Anniversary!

    The HOTY Report

    Hello to all BrooksideBuzzers and Ships at Sea. Reporting live from Jackson Hole, Wy. As in Oming. The question I am asked most often other... continue reading

    Husband Report

    The HOTY (a/k/a Husband of the Year) returns with reflections about the end of radiation.

    The Hospital-Visiting Husband

    Well, the patient has to spend one more  night in the hospital with what turns out to be a gigantic bout of Sinusitis. Talk about... continue reading

    Breast Cancer ROI's

    As you all may recall, from the time of my diagnosis, The Husband and I have been forthright in our communication with all of our... continue reading

    HOTY Birthday

    Yesterday was the The Husband ‘s Birthday.  As you know, he is The Husband of The Year (a/k/a HOTY), two years running. The Husband is... continue reading

    Holiday Husband

    Valentines day 2011. No fancy plans. No hoopla. One of my Valentines is asleep with balloons in her room and half a cupcake in her... continue reading

    The Husband and Bambino Parade Into 2011

    Leaving the lady of the  house in good hands with some of her pals, 4 3/4 and I took off for Pasadena, Dec.31st at noon.... continue reading

    The Husband Abides

    Great to have her moving about again. A walk here and there, maybe an hour at a party for the holidays? Her pain subsiding, plumbing... continue reading

    The Husband Returns

    I’m still here. Been the pharmacist keeping track of her meds, getting her up in the middle of the night to take her pills. Getting good... continue reading

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