Silver Linings In Living

Life is amazing. And then it’s awful. And then it’s amazing again.

Life is amazing. And then it’s awful. And then it’s amazing again.

Hi There. Oh Hi. Hey. Gosh, this is awkward….

After all, you may (or may not!) have noticed that I’ve been absent for a while. Okay, MONTHS.  I took a summer break that turned into a reprieve that turned into a hiatus that turned into a sabbatical that turned into downright absenteeism.  The Silver Lining is that I have been living life. Now, the  truth of the matter is that I have been living life on life’s terms, which translates to amazing and awful and amazing; hence, the title of the post.

Here on March 1st, 2016, I find myself drawn back to writing on The Silver Pen. In all honesty, I have been thinking about it for quite some time, but have been feeling awkward, uncomfortable, confused and guilty for being gone for such a long time.

Guilt. Whatta word. Anyone else Catholic?  My confirmation (at age 13) somehow seemingly confirmed ...

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How to Master the Fine Art of Small Talk

During this holiday season, as I am traveling from one party to the next, I am reminded of the need for mastering the fine art... continue reading

Public Speaking Tips from a Champion

Public Speaking Tips from a Champion This year I have had some amazing opportunities to share my story, from small groups to enormous ones, from... continue reading

Gift Ideas: Brass Desk Accessories

Gift Ideas: Brass Desk Accessories Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been infatuated by anything and everything related to offices, from... continue reading

Gift Ideas Don't Have to be a Puzzle

When Christian Lacroix designs a jigsaw puzzle, you acquire it. It doesn’t matter if you have barefoot tots running around the house or not. You... continue reading

Beautycounter to the Rescue!

I don’t know about you… but after reading all of those facts my stomach got a bit queezy. The reality is that when it comes... continue reading

Best Kept Beauty Secrets

Best Kept Beauty Secrets As I was having my makeup done on the book tour (and asking every makeup artist for tips of the trade... continue reading

Silver Lining Discovery: Sunday Riley Skincare

Sunday Riley Skincare Recently, people have been commenting on my skin. The Silver Lining is that people (including the HOTY) have been saying very kind things (albeit... continue reading

The Glamorous Golden Globes 2014

The Glamorous Golden Globes 2014 Watching the Golden Globes is always so much fun, especially with Suddenly Seven…who has quite an opinion on dresses, films,... continue reading

Cyber Monday Shopping Deals

Cyber Monday Shopping Deals In case Holiday Shopping is happening from your computer today (as is the case with me), here are some Cyber Monday... continue reading

Jewels by JAR at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Jewels by JAR at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Hope you’ll bear with me as I do a 2nd fashion post this week.  But I... continue reading

Sartorial Inspiration at Decades Inc.

Decades Inc. It’s been a while since I’ve done a fashion post, so I thought that I’d start the week with some sartorial inspiration from... continue reading

Wardrobe Must Have: The J.Crew Minnie Pant

J.Crew Minnie Pant I’ve written about one of my favorite clothing lines, J.Crew many times over the past couple of years. Last week, when talking... continue reading

“Oscar de la Renta: American Icon” exhibit at the William J. Clinton Presidential Center

This week the “Oscar de la Renta: American Icon” exhibit opened at the William J. Clinton Presidential Center. The exhibition was compiled at the request of Hillary... continue reading

Silver Lining Discoveries: SpaRitual

A fun summertime discovery for me is the company SpaRitual (love the name!).  I’m completely smitten with their philosophy that, “Beauty is the spontaneous expression of... continue reading

Bookworm: CZ Guest American Style Icon

My new favorite summer book is C.Z. Guest: American Style Icon by Susanna Salk. I’ve always admired her. Not only was she one of the... continue reading

Style: Profile with Lyn Devon

It is an honor and delight to be included on Lyn Devon’s blog. Lyn is as beautiful on the inside as her clothes are on... continue reading

Style: Ferragamo’s Vara Pump Celebrates its 35th Birthday

For a little Thursday morning fashion eye candy, I thought I’d share Salvatore Ferragamo’s  35th anniversary celebration of the Vara Shoe. The Vara Shoe is the mid-heeled... continue reading

Alexandra Knight Style File!

Today, I am so honored to be featured on my dear friend, Alexandra Knight’s Style File blog. What a Silver Lining! I’ve written about Alexandra Knight many... continue reading

Vogue and Carey Mulligan

This spring, I’m super excited about the soon-to-be-released 3-D film, The Great Gatsby. I mean, really, how cool is it that it is in 3-D? Vogue... continue reading

Lilly Pulitzer

It is with a heavy heart that I heard about the death of Lilly Pulitzer.  What an incredible, inspiring woman. In 1959, as a housewife... continue reading

Spring Fashion Magazines

So so so excited for the ginormous spring fashion books to arrive on the newsstands. Though these are the ones that are really heavy and awkward... continue reading

Savoir Faire: The Making of a Chanel Couture Gown

The fabulous fashion of the Academy Awards has motivated me to share this amazing video illustrating the making of a Chanel Couture gown. Couture literally... continue reading

Oscar Fashion Drool

Though the Oscars is a really fun show (no matter how well the host hosts!), my favorite part is the Red Carpet Arrivals. I know... continue reading

Welcome to Santa Barbara

This month, I am incredibly honored to be included in Santa Barbara Magazine‘s Best of 2013 issue. Santa Barbara Magazine has always been one of... continue reading

The Lovely Lee Radziwill

One of my favorite periodicals is T Magazine. Under the new leadership of Deborah Needleman (formerly of the WSJ) she has Lee Radziwill, photographed in her Paris... continue reading

Bookworm: Capturing Camelot

My affinity for the Kennedy’s grew leaps and bounds when I met my husband. Why? Because the BOTY (at the time, Boyfriend Of The Year)... continue reading

A Conversation with superChic

I love finding special things and places and sharing them with friends. One perfect example is a new shop in Santa Barbara called superChic. I... continue reading

Vogue's APT with LSD: Lily Maddock's Southampton Home

Today is another rainy day in Santa Barbara, which happens to be a Silver Lining in my life. When it is sunny here (as it is... continue reading

Style: The Herrera Life

Carolina Herrera is one of my favorite designers. Not only am I crazy about her designs, but I love the fact that she keeps much... continue reading

Terrific Tufting

Tufting is one of my favorite furniture designs. The look is achieved when upholsterers thread through layers of fabric or leather, often in a pattern,... continue reading

A Conversation with Katie Searle-Williams of Kinfolk Magazine

Last week when I was meandering around my favorite (independent) bookstore (Tecolote in Montecito), I came across the most divine magazine called Kinfolk. Even though... continue reading

Graceful Grace

As I’ve mentioned a few times, I am super duper excited to get my hands on Grace Coddington’s upcoming memoir (to be released in November).... continue reading

Street Style

It sure has been a cancer-heavy week! Geesh!  As I sat in the chemo lab yesterday with my dear girlfriend (who was receiving her 1st... continue reading

Fall's Fabulous Folios

Did you know that the publishing industry has seasons? Indeed it does. The fall is my most favorite of the book publishing seasons!  Actually, come... continue reading

Fall Film Excitement

As the October issue of Vogue hits the newsstands, I’m reminded of how excited the HOTY and I get about fall films. October seems to... continue reading

Fashion Fun

This week is New York Fashion Week, which happens to be one of my favorite weeks of the year. As you know, having (and trying... continue reading

Fall Fashion: The LBD

As we begin to move from the bright whites of summer into the darker palate of fall, I find myself drawn to the classic Little... continue reading

Garden Dreams

You know that I’m a huge fan of Oscar de la Renta, right?  Not only is he extraordinarily (stratospherically!) talented, but he is kind, warm,... continue reading

Summer's Seersucker Style

Seersucker has always been synonymous with summertime (oh how I do love alliteration)!  I adore any kind of seersucker, anytime! Did you know that this... continue reading

Silver Lined Discoveries: Bauble Bar

For new readers, first of all, WELCOME!  I’m a big believer in friends sharing tips and hints, so The Silver Lined Discovery series is my... continue reading

Vanity Fair International Best Dressed

After a week of cell biology and epidemiology, I’m ready for a little fashion fun!  That fun came in the form of Vanity Fair’s annual... continue reading

Silver Lined Discovery: Chance PJ's

One Silver Lining of FBC (f-bomb breast cancer for new readers) is that I became a pajama connoisseur. There is absolutely nothing like a great pair... continue reading

Happy 4th of July...Through the Decades

In case you haven’t noticed, I love-love-love the 4th of July! It’s an easy, relaxed, pressure-free (i.e., NO GIFTS!) holiday. The decor is festive but... continue reading

Fashion Fun!

Recently, I came across the super fun illustrated guide to fashion’s biggest icons on Refinery 29. It was a little Silver Lining in a very busy... continue reading

Jason Wu Love

Even before Michelle Obama danced onto the world stage as the First Lady in a Jason Wu gown, I was smitten with him.  I’ve written... continue reading

Hello, World!

You all know how much I loooooove J.Crew, right?  Well, I love J.Crew even more (I didn’t think that was possible!) thanks to their new... continue reading

Emma in Vogue

I’m super excited to see Emma Stone on the cover of the July issue of Vogue. How fun!  Who on earth didn’t fall in love... continue reading

Sunday Sweetness #9: Shoes

What is it about shoes?  I just love ’em. I do. Perhaps it is Marilyn Monroe who said it best, Give a girl the right... continue reading

Welcome Slim Paley

Oh my goodness, am I ever excited about today’s post!  Welcoming Slim Paley as a guest writer is a HUGE Silver Lining!  I’m sure that... continue reading

Silver Lined Discoveries: Urbanears Plattan Denim headphones

After having spent, ohhhhh about 30+ hours on planes (that’s just ON planes…not counting the time in airports) in the last couple of weeks, I... continue reading

Nautical Chic

‘Tis the season for nautical stripes. I have always loved them…and truth be told, tend to wear them all year round. There is something about... continue reading

Silver Lined Discoveries: Rain Boots

  Even though I live in Southern California where I pray for rain daily and don’t have the opportunity to use rain accoutrements very often,... continue reading

Silver Lined Discoveries: Carrière Frères Industrie

This week, I thought I’d launch a fun new series called “Silver Lined Discoveries.”  While hiking yesterday with girlfriends, we spouted off one fun discovery after... continue reading

Silver Lined Office

I’m a big fan of office space. Beginning when I was a little girl and sat at my dad’s secretary’s desk on Sunday mornings, I... continue reading

The Costume Institute Met Gala 2012

If ever there were an Oscars of Fashion, the annual Met Gala would certainly be it! Always held on the 2nd Monday in May, last... continue reading

Lulu's Lovely Designs - Lulu de Kwiatkowski

Artist and textile designer Lulu deKwiatkowski is a favorite of mine. I especially love her bright colors and lively designs. They are wonderfully chic and playfully childlike…yet... continue reading

Silver Lined Style: Altuzarra for J.Crew

I’m super excited that the first of the 2011 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund collaboration collections will be available today at one of my all-time have shops:... continue reading

Apartment Drool

As you may know already, I am quite a looky-lou when it comes to admiring the way people live in their homes. The Vogue profiles... continue reading

Jason Wu Does it Again!

I am super excited about the Jason Wu collaboration with Canvas Home Collection.  What a Silver Lined talent he is! I was introduced to him... continue reading

Megan Simon is the "Body Whisperer"

A major Silver Lining of the day was receiving an email from my friend, Megan Simon, announcing her profile in tomorrow’s Sunday New York Times magazine,... continue reading

Style Inspiration: Grace Kelly

Everything about Grace Kelly-her talent, her beauty, her style, her confidence, her grace-ness-was extraordinary (Silver Lining).  Most people know the story of the young, beautiful... continue reading

Add Flair to Your Life!

One of my favorite people on the planet is Joe Nye. He is a decorator (he prefers this description over interior designer). We became good... continue reading

Glitter Guide!

Today, I am super honored and excited to be fe featured in Glitter Guide’s Style at Home. Below are a couple of photos from the... continue reading

Beautiful Beauty: Tammy Fender

Recently a very discerning friend suggested that I try a beauty product by Tammy Fender called “Intensive Repair Balm.”  I am deeply appreciative of beauty... continue reading

April Vogue

I’m so excited that rain is predicted in Santa Barbara this weekend!  It is predicted all weekend, actually.  We have had such a sunny, beautiful... continue reading

Welcome to Elizabeth Street!

I am super excited to introduce you to a new, Silver Lined website that is launching TODAY called Elizabeth Street. The mission of Elizabeth Street is to:... continue reading

More American Beauty

As a follow up to my post last week on Claiborne Swanson Frank’s American Beauty book, I was excited to see Vogue’s Five Days, Five Looks,... continue reading

Fashion Silver Linings: Valentino

I have always been a fan of the Valentino brand, most especially when Mr. Valentino was designing. Since he retired (at the age of 75,... continue reading

Apartment Drool

I am crazy about the Vogue APT with LSD features. They are definitely drool-inducing. Though I really and truly never want to live anywhere other... continue reading

Saturday Sweeps: Kids!

The Silver Lining of last week’s surgery is that I have been grounded (as in unable to go anywhere or do anything) which means that I’ve... continue reading

Oscar Drool

Did you all happen to watch the Academy Awards, Hollywood’s biggest night? We sure did! In fact, Sweetly Six put on her “Ball Gown” to... continue reading

Guest Curator on

I’m super honored to have been asked to be a guest curator on Kirtsy! In case you are unfamiliar with it, I’m very excited to... continue reading

Tory Burch at Home

The Vogue feature on Tory Burch’s new Southampton home is pretty magnificent and drool inducing.  The home is a collaboration between architect & designer Daniel Romualdez and... continue reading

More Fashion Week Fun with Lyn Devon

Fashion week is serious fun. I just love it. I really do. One of my favorite stops whilst in New York was to see Lyn... continue reading

Spring into Vogue!

My idea of a perfect afternoon is a cup of tea and the March issue of Vogue. March is my favorite issue because it is... continue reading

Fashion SL: Carolina Herrera

The HOTY and I are having a ball at Fashion Week!  Our first stop was the Carolina Herrera show at Lincoln Center. I am a... continue reading

Happy Valentine's Day!

The HOTY (a/k/a Husband Of The Year) and I have always loved Valentine’s Day. We love love. It’s just how we roll. Whether for yourself... continue reading

Madonna in Vogue

Madonna has a long history with Vogue and I happen to love…Every. Single. Moment. At 53, she continues to rock the music industry, the film... continue reading

Spring Style Inspiration: Floral

I love flowers. Everything about them. I love the way they look and smell and especially they way they make me feel. So, wearing anything... continue reading

Magnificent Marigot

This past year with FBC turned me into a pajama connoisseur (Silver Lining). Now that I don’t have to wear them everyday, I still love... continue reading

Orange Crush

I’ve always been a big fan of the color orange. I’m naturally drawn to its warmth and energy. It feels simultaneously enthusiastic and peaceful. Did... continue reading

Lanvin Love

After the Golden Globes I’m feeling a little extra fashion-y today. In thinking about it, my favorite dress was Lanvin that Natalie Portman wore. So... continue reading

Golden Glamour

What fun it was to watch the Golden Globes red carpet arrivals with Finally Five. Ok, truth be told, we took turns watching the red... continue reading

Fashionable Greetings

Vogue has a really wonderful series of holiday cards designed by some of the best and brightest in the fashion industry. I am so smitten... continue reading

'Tis the Season: Alexandra Knight

I am truly honored to say that one of my dearest friends is Alexandra Knight. In addition to being impossibly chic and fun and funny... continue reading

'Tis the Season: Vintage Watches

The HOTY (a.k.a. Husband of the Year) has a watch collection. Some are fancy. Some are not. But he loves everything he’s got. For super... continue reading

The Iron Lady with a Silver Lined Heart

How cool is Meryl Streep? I mean really. From Kramer vs. Kramer to Sophie’s Choice to The Devil Wears Prada, there is no end to... continue reading

'Tis the Season: Sneakers!

In the spirit of giving gifts that are purely FUN, I am crazy about these Chuck Taylor’s from Net-A-Porter. According to the website, these cuties were... continue reading

Fashion SL: Oscar de la Renta

As most people are dusting off their winter coats and boots, in New York, the fashion community is already presenting the styles for NEXT fall…as... continue reading

'Tis the Season: Market and Fruit Picking Pack

I love the holidays for a myriad of reasons: the colors (reds and greens), the smells (wood burning in a fireplace and cinnamon), the music... continue reading

Inspirational Dining

One of the many Silver Linings of my life is living in the beautiful state of California. This Thanksgiving weekend, I have hiked, played tennis, and... continue reading

Style Inspiration: Aerin Lauder

I’ve always been a big fan of Aerin Lauder’s style: timeless with a twist. My personal style tends to be very similar (or at least aspirational!)... continue reading

Giddy about Green

Green is one of my favorite colors (next to pink, of course!). So, I thought I’d share some inspirational green images and a few Silver Lined... continue reading

Brace Yourselves

A year ago today, I wrote my first Brookside Buzz post. Wow. A year. I can’t believe I just wrote that. I remember so vividly... continue reading

Fashion SL's: The Office of Angela Scott

Last week in Santa Barbara, I had the opportunity to attend a trunk show for a new shoe company called The Office of Angela Scott.... continue reading

Silver Lining Luncheon: Elizabeth Taylor's Legendary Jewels Go to Auction

Today was an incredibly Silver Lined day: a fancy schmancy luncheon hosted by Christie's held at MOCA in Los Angeles to view Elizabeth Taylor's jewelry (prior to auction)...with girlfriends. A day doesn't really get better than that, if you ask me!

Dazzling Desks

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved offices. When I was a little girl, I remember going with my dad to his... continue reading

Brookside Beauty: Egyptian Magic

Ever since I started radiation for FBC (F-bomb breast cancer) in May, my skin has been as dry as the Sahara Desert in Egypt. To meet the Egyptian desert on my face, I needed some in Egyptian Magic!

Fashion SL: A Walk down Memory Lane...

As I prepare for this week's super fun trip to New York for tennis and fashion (Double Silver Lining!), I thought I'd share a few of my favorite looks from the past few years.

Brookside Beauty: Beating Dark Circles

I'm up yet again in the middle of the night with insane hot flashes which will guarantee Birkin Bags under my eyes in the morning. Fortunately, some beauty advice was close at hand (Silver Lining!).

Fashion SL's: Chance

This summer, I had the great good fortune to meet Julia Leach, founder and president of the new and magnificent company, Chance. Julia was kind enough to answer some of my musings, which made me all the more crazy about her and Chance (Silver Lining!).

Fashion SL's: Dresses

Today's Silver Lining fashion post is about my love of dresses. I love nothing more than wearing a dress for day or evening. A dress is one of the easiest things in my closet to wear because no matter what I wear with it, I feel pulled together.

Fashion SL's: Vogue

It's been a little while since I've done a Fashion post. However, my fashion enthusiasm was ignited when I saw this week's release of Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover of the August issue of Vogue (Silver Lining!).

Lovely Libraries

Libraries are one of my favorite places on earth.  Any type of library. Home library. Work library. Old fashioned libraries (from which one can actually... continue reading

Prevention is Protection

A dear friend of mine had a melanoma (skin cancer) removed from her forehead this week. FC (F-bomb Cancer). Her scare is a wake up call to me about the need to take every precaution against the sun's dangerous rays.

Fashion SL's: Polka Dots

Now that I have a little hair and have ceased wearing head scarves on a daily basis, I am dreaming of polka dots.  Polka dots... continue reading

Fashion SL's: Gingham

The onset of summer brings with it joyful, (pre breast cancer) Silver Lined memories of gingham.

Fashion SL's: Scarves

A lovely reader who recently (& unfortunately) joined the FBC (F-bomb Breast Cancer) club asked if I would write a post describing how I tie my scarves (on my head). So, here it is!

Fashion SL's: Set in Style: The Jewelry of Van Cleef and Arpels

While in New York, I went to the Set in Style: The Jewelry of Van Cleef and Arpels exhibit at the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum. For a period of time, I completely forgot that I have breast cancer. What a Silver Lining!

Fashion SL's: Jules Allen Cashmere

Jules Allen is one of those people who, if she weren’t so darn nice, a girl could really be snarky about her because she is... continue reading

Fashion SL's: Balenciaga

While in San Francisco (for a doctor's appointment), the HOTY and I went to the de Young museum to see Balenciaga and Spain, an exhibition examining the impact of Spanish culture on the legendary designer. The exhibit is delicious eye and mind candy, which happens to be a great antidote for chemotherapy-induced nausea. Really.

Fashion SL's: Red All Over

As you may remember, I  go chemo to in an outfit that makes me feel good, happy and confident.  I have always put forth an... continue reading

Brookside Beauty: Circ-Cell

Breast cancer and chemotherapy wreak havoc on a person's skin and I am (of course) no exception. However, I have found a skin care Silver Lining in Melanie Simon, a licensed esthetician and owner of A Beautiful You in Santa Barbara. Her goal is to provide effective, multi-purpose, cutting-edge skincare products that are free of harmful elements.

Fashion SL's: Black and White with a side of Buzz

Having breast cancer does not mean losing one's sense of style! Wearing scarves everyday has really made me think about what I wear. Time and time again, I go back to wearing black and white because it is a blank canvas on which to layer colors and fun accessories.

Brookside Beauty

The other day, I found myself at the San Ysidro Pharmacy (the charming, independently owned pharmacy in town) buying yet another pharmaceutical to help me... continue reading

Compassion is always in Fashion

The Silver Lining of  feeling rotten this week is that it is Fashion Week in New York, which means I have had divine diversions from... continue reading

Fashion Silver Linings: Tod's Driving Moccasins

How great are Tod’s driving moc’s?  I mean really?  I just love to pudder around in them. The Husband has several pairs that are coming... continue reading

Pulchritudinous Pink

As many of you know, I  go chemo to in an outfit that makes me feel good, happy and confident.  I have always put forth... continue reading

Brookside SL's: YSL

A little fashion always brightens my day, even if it’s a day that I feel like heaving (thanks FBC!). I am a big fan of... continue reading

Fashion SL's: Roger Vivier

Roger Vivier shoes are enchanting.  I find that Roger Vivier shoes are all about design AND function.  Well, except for the skyscraper heels that I... continue reading

Fashion Silver Linings: Aperlaï Moccasins

I’ve just come across some fabulous new shoes that I am super excited about: Aperlaï Moccasins (SL). I definitely  have a REAL thing for shoes.... continue reading

Fashion Silver Linings: Lyn Devon

As I am still couch glue, I am envisioning the fun that spring fashion that has to offer, especially from Lyn Devon ( The quote... continue reading

Couch Glue Entertainment

Now that I am 8 days out from my first round of chemotherapy,  I was really hoping that I would be feeling better. It’s been... continue reading

Fashion SL's: Vintage and Decades

If there is one thing to get my mind off of FBC, it’s fashion.  I haven’t talked much about it because I’ve felt so yucky.... continue reading

Silver Lining Book: Fashion Drawing in Vogue

I am so excited to read William Packer’s Fashion Drawings in Vogue. This book documents over  70 years of the brilliant illustrations that have filled the pages... continue reading

Brookside Dreams of Bergdorf Goodman

Is there anything better than Bergdorf Goodman, in general, but especially their Holiday Windows? Well, yes, I’m sure that I could come up with plenty... continue reading

Brookside Diaries

Writing in journals is, I think, one of the most fun things to do.  I have been a HUGE fan of journal writing for the... continue reading

Travel to West Marin

Travel to West Marin If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that last month, I had a runaway weekend in West Marin County. When... continue reading

Let's Have a Picnic!

Let’s Have a Picnic! Did you know that in 2000, a 600-mile picnic took place on July 14 in France to celebrate the first Bastille... continue reading

Friday Fitness: 3 Reasons To Go Hiking

3 Reasons to Go Hiking Hiking is one of my absolute favorite things to do. It allows me to clear my my mind, move my... continue reading

USS Ronald Reagan in Santa Barbara

Over the weekend, the aircraft carrier the USS Ronald Reagan was docked in Santa Barbara. The HOTY & I had the great and amazing good... continue reading

Under My Skin Play in New York

Under My Skin Play in New York If you happen to be in New York City this Memorial Day weekend, I highly recommend seeing a... continue reading

A Labor of Love. It's How He Rolls

A Labor of Love. It’s How He Rolls It is always so magical to come across a story that gives me goosebumps and stops me... continue reading

Travel Adventures: Pinewood Social in Nashville

Pinewood Social in Nashville Earlier this spring I had the great opportunity to visit Nashville on The Silver Lining book tour. I hadn’t been there in yeaaaars.... continue reading

The Reluctant Vacation

The Reluctant Vacation! For the first time since beginning the blog, I am taking a vacation. A real and true vacation from the blog. Wow.... continue reading

Cloud Gate in Millennium Park Chicago

Cloud Gate in Millennium Park Chicago Chicago is definitely “My kind of town…” We moved from Chicago to Santa Barbara 3 years ago. The HOTY... continue reading

Eleven Days by Lea Carpenter

Bookworm: Eleven Days by Lea Carpenter Thanks to the recommendation of a bibliophile friend, I have just finished Lea Carpenter’s book, Eleven Days. Wow. It’s... continue reading

Santa Barbara Activities for Kids

This week it has been a great honor to be included as a contributor on one of my FAVORITE blogs, A  great Silver Lining this spring... continue reading

I Madonnari Street Painting Festival in Santa Barbara

On Memorial Day weekend, Suddenly Seven (a/k/a my daughter) and I had a magical experience at the I Madonnari Festival. This colorful festival is held at... continue reading

The Met Gala

On Monday evening, I had the goosebump Silver Lined experience of attending the Metropolitan Museum of Art Gala (a/k/a the Met Gala) in New York. The Met... continue reading

Flora Farms in Cabo San Lucas

Because I’m not doing any cooking this week thanks to our holiday week, I thought I’d share a great foodie experience that we had at... continue reading

Spring Vacation

Beginning today, I am officially on vacation! Talk about a Silver Lining. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am.  Now you know... continue reading

The New York Experience

I write this on my way home from New York after what can only be described as a quintessential New York experience. I’m still pinching... continue reading

Saturday Snapshots

It’s Saturday and I know that Saturday is supposed to be Pajama Day; however, right now I’m sitting in the waiting room of a hospital... continue reading

Wonderful Watermelon!

This summer I have developed an unusual taste…okay, more like an obsession for watermelon. I don’t know where it’s come from. I’ve always liked watermelon,... continue reading

Happy 4th of July!

To be in Santa Barbara on the Fourth of July, where there’s a parade on our village street and kids get pelted with candy, is... continue reading

Silver Lined Adventure: Yosemite

We have just returned from our family summer vacation to Yosemite. Wow! What a trip. Have you ever been?  We hadn’t. Though people told us... continue reading

Silver Lined Adventure: St. Petersburg, Part 2

Perhaps two of my favorite parts of our amazing and extraordinary and magical trip to Russia were the time spent at Peterhof Palace and the... continue reading

Silver Lined Adventure: St. Petersburg, Part 1

St. Petersburg was the next stop on our beyond-amazing adventure. Geesh, did we ever had a great time. Mind and eye candy were everywhere we... continue reading

Silver Lined Adventure: Moscow

Intriguing. That would be the one word I would use to summarize my feelings about our magnificent trip to Russia….planned for and executed by the... continue reading

Home Sweet Home

The HOTY and I have just returned from the MOST amazing and remarkable and transformative trip to…RUSSIA! I am deliriously jet-lagged. I get completely verklempt... continue reading

Silver Lined Packing

For years and years, I always forgot at least one thing on every trip. It didn’t matter if it was an overnight or multi-week trip…something (plural)... continue reading

Packing Checklist Before the Voyage

Thanks to my ever-present chemo brain, I have to make loads of lists to ensure that I remember to pack and do things before a... continue reading

Where in the World?

Next week, the HOTY and I are going on an outrageously amazing Silver Lined adventure…I am beyond excited about it!  Below is a little teaser…three cities…can... continue reading


Cuixmala is the sister property of Hacienda de San Antonio. Thanks yet again to Indagare, we had the unbelievably Silver Lined opportunity to visit Cuixmala on... continue reading

Hacienda de San Antonio

Last week I had yet another  Silver Lined adventure orchestrated by the ever-amazing Indagare. Holy Moly. What an amazing company Indagare is! Their tag line is:... continue reading

The Proust Hiker

Hiking is one of my all-time favorite, Silver Lined activities. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to live in Santa Barbara, where the... continue reading

Disney World Silver Linings

The HOTY, Finally Five and I have just returned from a trip Disney World. It was my first time there (yes, I’m 41). I made plenty of... continue reading

Adventure + Giving = Meadowood + Share our Strength

Over the holidays, the HOTY and I had the most exquisite dining/fundraising experience at The Restaurant at Meadowood in St. Helena in the Napa Valley... continue reading

Packing Plans: Carrying On for Five Days

Today, the HOTY, Finally Five and I are leaving for New York. I’m super excited!  It will be a combination of work and fun, which... continue reading

Hemingway in Cuba

One of the most exciting parts of our Cuban adventure was the visit to Hemingway’s plantation, Finca Vigca (tranlastion: Lookout Farm). OMG. It was a goosebump... continue reading

Cuban Colors

Ready for one more post about Cuba?  I was clearly incredibly enamored by this country and the experience.  It seems as if photography is the... continue reading

The Cuban People

In addition to our trip to Cuba being extraordinary in and of itself, this was an especially powerful excursion for the HOTY (a.k.a. The Husband... continue reading

Cuban Cars

The HOTY (a.k.a. Husband of the Year for new readers) and I have just returned from a magnificent trip to Cuba. Yes, Cuba. I still... continue reading

The Silver Pen Adventures: On our Way to Cuba

This morning, the HOTY (a.k.a Husband of the Year…for the new readers) and I are going to Cuba.  Yes, you read that correctly: Cuba.  I’m... continue reading

Change is in the Air!

First of all, I'd like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU all for reading this blog. I am deeply honored and humbled by your support and continued enthusiasm for my writing. Truly. Thank you. It is with great anticipation and excitement that I announce that really super fun changes are on the Silver Lined horizon. In fact, I'm smack dab in the middle of redesigning the blog. To call me thrilled would truly be an understatement. In fact, I'm simply giddy!

1st Cancerversary

As you may recall, last weekend was the one year anniversary of my FBC diagnosis. I will now also always remember the weekend for running a 1/2 Marathon exactly one year later. Running the 1/2 Marathon on Sunday was truly one of the great experiences of my life (Silver Lining). It was so powerful because it symbolized the end of illness and the rebirth of my health.

Hercules and Secretariat, Meet FBC

This Sunday will be the one year anniversary of my FBC (F-bomb breast cancer) diagnosis. The Silver Lining is that also on Sunday, I will be running a 1/2 Marathon. So take THAT, FBC!

Brookside Adventure: Carpenteria Avocado Festival. Really.

Life is good when you can spend your Friday evening at an Avocado Festival. Seriously. Last night, the HOTY, Finally Five and I headed to the charming town of Carpinteria to partake in the 25th Anniversary Avocado celebration.

Aspen Ideas Festival

  While we were in Aspen, the HOTY and I had the opportunity to attend the Aspen Institute Ideas Festival. How can an event named... continue reading

Happy 4th of July!

    All the best wishes for a safe, fun, happy and Silver Lined 4th of July! America is much more than a geographical fact. ... continue reading

Time to Go Home

After a wonderful time in Aspen, it is time to go H-O-M-E to Santa Barbara. Ahhh, after 6+ weeks, saying that out loud is music... continue reading

Aspen Slip and Slide

    Today, I thought I would make my one and only descent down Aspen Mountain – by foot.  Why by foot, you ask?  Why... continue reading

San Francisco Blackbook

A friend recently asked if I was super excited to get out of San be DONE with my breast cancer treatments. Actually, I must separate the two. I'm ready to be DONE with treatment; however, I've fallen head over heels in love with San Francisco (a BIG Silver Lining)!

SL San Francisco Adventures: Grocers and Farmers

One of the many things that I loooooove about San Francisco is the food - it's fresh, delicious and omnipresent! And I also love the fact that finally, I'm in a place where people talk more about food than weather! Whether food is bought at restaurant or from a farmer or local grocer, there is an inherent joy to all things food related. Producing it. Selling it. Making it. Eating it. Speaking of local gardeners and farmers...

Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way

In the past nine months, thanks to breast cancer, I have had to look fear in the face and either go around it, through it or over it. Good thing that I've gotten pretty good at it (Silver Lining!).

City Lights Silver Lining

One of the great joys of being in San Francisco, aside from my exceptional care, is the City Lights bookstore (Silver Lining). I am a real sucker for independent bookstores. I pretty much melt in a puddle whenever I have the opportunity to go in one. Much less shop. It is a fantastic way to get my mind off of breast cancer!

The Yoga Room

Yesterday, I saw a lymphedema specialist yesterday to deal with yet another side effect of breast cancer treatment. Because I am a Curious George, I had a slew of questions for her, mainly about how (if) I can get rid of this lymphedema. And if I can get rid of it, then how. And if how then what I need to do to prevent a recurrence. She sent me to The Yoga Room.

Home Sweet Home

After a week of breast cancer treatment, there is nothing like coming home...home sweet home.

Preparation as Protection

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world (aside from breast cancer, of course). One of the reasons that I feel so fortunate is that I live in Santa Barbara, one of the most beautiful places on earth. When I say beautiful, I mean spectacular. However, it is a fire zone. And an earthquake zone. GULP. BUT,the Silver Lining is that we are now equipped with the knowledge and supplies to help protect us in the event that something (another GULP) happens.

Down on the Farm: Simply Outstanding

After a week of being poked, prodded, stretched and contorted (thank you, breast cancer!), the timing to relax in a beautiful environment, with delicious food and amazing people was impeccable. Outstanding in the Field lived up to its incredible reputation. If you have the opportunity to participate in one of these events, don't walk...RUN!

Packing Prep

Tomorrow, I am leaving for a girls trip to New York. Yippppeeeeee! This is my one week of freedom from any type of breast cancer treatment or appointments. It took a great deal of time and energy to focus my chemo cluttered mind on packing and planning. Time well spent!

Bambino Adventure: Alisal Ranch

Our daughter (a/k/a Finally Five) has not been herself lately, in all likelihood a combination of being fed up with my breast cancer (aren't we all?) and being on the verge of a big developmental shift. I decided that now was as good a time as any to make a withdrawal from my Energy Bank and go on an overnight Mommy trip to the Alisal Ranch in Solvang, California. After a glorious day, I reflected on the quantity and quality of Silver Linings in my life.

Less Rabbit, More Hare

After a long six months of breast cancer induced fatigue, feeling an inkling of energy in the past few days has been a Silver Lining. However, what I learned after a day of too much too fast, the faster I go now, the longer recovery will take.

Happy Hoppy!

Wishing you a happy, Silver-Lined Easter (if you celebrate it)!

Life is an Adventure

Life is an Adventure. Take your Attitude!

Brookside Adventures: Santa Ynez

An adventure to the Santa Ynez valley was a Silver Lining addition to my week of breast cancer misery. Words cannot aptly describe the transition from the chemo pit of despair to a place of pure joy filled from animals, fresh air, sunshine, and friends.

Saturday Snapshots

I've realized that although I have a ridiculous (adverse) sensitivity to chemo, I also have a new and wonderfully heightened sensitivity to sights, smells and sounds (the sense of taste is long gone, a casualty of chemo). I notice things. I pay attention. I walk slower. I take photographs. These are the Silver Linings of my experience with breast cancer.

Sunday Silver Linings

Every time I feel like I hit the pit of chemo and breast cancer despair, I find a Silver Lining. Every single time it is a SL that brings me back and makes me smile. Gives me perspective.

Saturday Snapshots

This has been a week of ups and downs (as is consistently the case with breast cancer). However, when I look back on the week (in photographs), I ultimately feel happy and peaceful because Silver Linings always seem to shine through.

Beautiful Budding

This morning, for the first time in a month, I went on a HIKE!  I can’t begin to describe how happy this made me. I... continue reading

Chipper Chicks

Today has been an outstanding, Silver Lined day! Nearly 3 1/2 weeks since my last chemo, it feels as if the dimmer on the light... continue reading

Saturday Stroll

Today I took my first walk in nearly two weeks.  I can’t believe I just wrote that.  Holy Moly.  It’s been a rough round. That... continue reading

Huffington Post

Exciting news (well, at least I think so!): the next Brookside Buzz article is available on the Huffington Post. This week has been featured front... continue reading

Cancer Coprolalia

Today I ventured out of the house.  Bad, bad idea.  We were invited to a beautiful lunch, full of interesting people and lots of Mind... continue reading

Huffington & Hemingway

The fifth Brookside Buzz article is posted on The Huffington Post!  Here is the link (please feel free to forward or post on your Facebook... continue reading

Brookside Buzz is Buzzing!

Dear Friends, I am honored, humbled and thrilled to tell you that The Huffington Post is publishing the Brookside Buzz, from the beginning. As you... continue reading

Nurturing Nature Walk

This morning is a beautiful, warm sunny Santa Barbara morning, which makes for a perfect morning for a nature walk with Buzz and 4 3/4.... continue reading

Morning Market Magic

Our family had a magical morning at the (farmer’s) market. Outside. In January. How’s that for a HUGE Silver Lining (SL)? It’s been a few... continue reading

TICKed off!

You’ll never believe what happened now.  Never in a million years. It’s not enough that my body has suffered through booby amputation, no pain medication... continue reading

Brookside Movies: The Black Swan

The Husband and I went to see The Black Swan tonight.  Date night.  Been a long, long time since we have been to a movie.... continue reading

Brookside Adventure in Los Angeles

First of all, great news in the plastic surgery department (SL)!  I am healing incredibly well! Incisions look great and the lady lumps are staying... continue reading

Brookside Adventures-Psychic Massage

While at Mii Amo in Sedona, as I mentioned, I decided to have as many alternative, healing experiences as possible.  …including a Psychic Massage. Yes,... continue reading

A Silver Lining Day

Despite ridiculous levels of pain (still working on this issue), today was a glorious, adventurous day.  I walked around the entire periphery of our home... continue reading

Brookside Adventures in Sedona, Arizona

Let’s move onto something much more uplifting today, what do you say? For my 40th Birthday (in December), we were supposed to take a magnificent... continue reading

Giving Tuesday 2014

Giving Tuesday 2014 Knowing that today is Giving Tuesday is a Silver Lining start to the day! Since Thanksgiving, we’ve had plenty of days focused on shopping with... continue reading

What Food Banks Need

On Thursday, the three of us (the HOTY, Excitedly Eight and I) are going to serve Thanksgiving Dinner at a homeless shelter in Santa Barbara.... continue reading

Giving Tuesday 2013

Giving Tuesday 2013 Knowing that today is Giving Tuesday is a Silver Lining start to the day! Since Thanksgiving, we’ve had plenty of days focused on shopping... continue reading

Giving: Imerman Angels 1-on-1 Cancer Support Connecting Cancer Fighters, Survivors & Caregivers

Recently, I had the great, Silver Lined opportunity to meet Jonny Imerman. Oh my goodness. He is literally an angel in this (cancer) world. At 26... continue reading

Giving: Girls Inc.

Today, I am honored and excited to be the Keynote Speaker for the 28th Annual One Hundred Committee Luncheon of Girls Inc. Santa Barbara. I... continue reading

Giving: LiveStrong Community Impact Project

Is there a better way to start the week than by giving back?  It’s my favorite way to start any day, much less week. Granted,... continue reading

Giving: MusiCares

This weekend, the HOTY (a/k/a Husband of the Year for new readers) and I attended the MusiCares Person of the Year 
event in Los Angeles. Holy Moly.... continue reading

The Ultimate Gift

A Silver Lining  of my weekend filled with the omnipresent sadness from the Sandy Hook tragedy was learning about Dalton Dingus. Dalton is a 9-year-old little... continue reading

Gift Guide: J.Crew + Teach For America

Every year, I look so forward to The Silver Pen Gift Guide. Giving gifts is so much fun!  Part of the joy comes from seeking... continue reading

Giving: Where Does Your Money Go?

Ever since I started writing the “Giving” category, people have asked me “How do I know where my money goes?” or “How do I know... continue reading

Giving: Army of Women

Recently I had the great good fortune to learn about the Dr. Susan Love Army of Women Program. Wowsy bowsy. It’s really amazing and I... continue reading

Giving: Pediatric Palliative Care

As you may recall, I used to be a pediatric hospice nurse and social worker. What does that mean, exactly? Well, it means that I... continue reading

Giving: A.B.C.

While I was in Chicago recently, I had the great good fortune of meeting Liam Krehbiel, founder of the new nonprofit, A Better Chicago.   A... continue reading

Photography and Philanthropy - Nick Brandt - Big Life Foundation

I have recently come across the stunning photography of Nick Brandt. His exquisite images are simultaneously inspiring and haunting. Jane Goodale aptly describes his iconic... continue reading

Shopping for a Cause!

Today, Tuesday, I am super excited to co-host a trunk show for one of my favorite designers, Lyn Devon.  Lyn is widely heralded as the... continue reading

Livestrong Community Impact Project

Last summer, the HOTY (a/k/a Husband of the Year) and I had the great and wonderful opportunity to talk with the extraordinary men who make... continue reading

St. Jude Children's Research Center

Throughout my treatment for FBC, time and time (and time!) again, I expressed gratitude for the fact that it was I who was diagnosed and... continue reading

SL Giving: God's We Love Deliver

I recently heard a great, goose bump story of generosity. A friend attended a birthday party at which many speeches were given. In gratitude for... continue reading

Adventure + Giving = Meadowood + Share our Strength

Over the holidays, the HOTY and I had the most exquisite dining/fundraising experience at The Restaurant at Meadowood in St. Helena in the Napa Valley... continue reading

Giving: Dream Foundation Part Deux

Thank you for all of your great feedback on the Dream Foundation. I’m so crazy about the organization. After I posted the story, it occurred... continue reading

Giving: Dream Foundation

For the past several years, I have had the great honor and privilege to be involved with one of the most amazing organizations imaginable: Dream... continue reading

Giving: Cleaning for a Reason

I have recently learned of a wonderful, Silver Lined organization called Cleaning for a Reason. As a nonprofit serving the entire United States and Canada,... continue reading

Giving: Community Environmental Council

Last week, the HOTY and I had the opportunity to attend a wonderful “Gypsy” themed fundraiser for the Community Environmental Council (CEC).   By the... continue reading

Giving: Khan Academy

One of the new features of the blog redesign is the addition of a new category called “Giving.”  Philanthropy is a high priority in our... continue reading

Think Pink not Gumby

Last night I attended a fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Resource Center (BCRC) of Santa Barbara.  The theme was “Think Pink.” Just for the record:... continue reading

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up Review

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up Review This year we are moving into a smaller house.  We are “right-sizing” as we are calling it. We... continue reading

Books to Read on Vacation

  Happy Day After Christmas!  Hope that you are luxuriating in your jammies around the Christmas Tree, enjoying family time and perhaps a few special... continue reading

Bookworm: Cy Twombly Paradise

If ever there were a wonderful new art book, it is Cy Twombly: Paradise. This book accompanies the much-anticipated 2014 exhibition Cy Twombly: Paradise, at Museo... continue reading

Quotes About Books

Quotes About Books Being the self proclaimed nerdy girl that I am, my love for books only grows with time. Speaking of which, what are... continue reading

Caldecott Medal Winners

Caldecott Medal Winners As I find myself looking for summertime reading for our daughter (a.k.a. Excitedly Eight) I am always drawn to Caldecott winners. Even... continue reading

The Silver Lining Book Event TOMORROW, May 13th at Lole in Santa Barbara

Calling all Santa Barbara friends! What: The Silver Lining book signing with Elizabeth Messina and moi When: TOMORROW, Tuesday May 13th from 4-7 Where: Lole in Santa Barbara 714... continue reading

The Silver Lining Book Tour Continues!

The Silver Lining Book Tour Continues As I mentioned yesterday, my absence from the blog may be explained by the fact that I am doing... continue reading

The Silver Lining is on the New York Times Bestseller List 2014!

The Silver Lining is on the New York Times Bestseller List 2014! Today, I am thrilled, honored and humbled to let you know that The Silver... continue reading

The Silver Lining on Good Morning America!

The Silver Lining on Good Morning America So THIS happened today: an interview on Good Morning America. I am still pinching myself. Here’s how it... continue reading

Whataweek with The Silver Lining

Whataweek with The Silver Lining This has been an incredible week, filled with Silver Linings! The first big moment was when The Silver Lining was finally... continue reading

The Silver Lining Book Tour!

The Silver Lining Book Tour At long last, The Silver Lining is being published next week!  As a result, I am hitting the road, beginning in New... continue reading

The Silver Lining Book: ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!

The Silver Lining Book is REALLY HAPPENING. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe that it’s almost HERE! One week from today, in fact! Wowsy!  Elizabeth... continue reading

Margaret Atwood's Ten Rules for Writing

Margaret Atwood’s Ten Rules for Writing Margaret Atwood is one of my favorite writers. I happen to think that she is witty, smart and completely... continue reading

Bookworm: The China Study

The China Study Shortly after I was diagnosed with FBC (f-bomb breast cancer for new readers), several people sent me a copy of The China Study by... continue reading

Bookworm: Me Before You

Me Before You Do you have book constipation? I had a BAD case of it in December. My oh my. I’m happy to say that... continue reading

The Silver Lining Giveaway

The Silver Lining Giveaway Last week, I received an advanced copy of our book! The real thing. In hardback! My hands trembled and I burst... continue reading

2013's Most Engaging Posts

2013’s Most Engaging Posts On this last afternoon of 2013, I find myself reflecting on this year and counting all of the amazing Silver Linings of the... continue reading

Bookworm: Alphabet Book by Tierney Gearon

Alphabet Book by Tierney Gearon Last weekend, I had the great and wonderful opportunity to meet artist and author Tierney Gearon. You see, my dear friend... continue reading

Bookworm: Shaun Tomson The Code

Shaun Tomson The Code Recently, when I was meandering through my local independent bookstore, I came across “The Code” by the world-champion surfer, Shaun Tomson.... continue reading

Bookworm: The Power of Self-Compassion

The Power of Self-Compassion Recently, I came across a fantastic book called Self-Compassion by Kristin Neff. She is an associate professor in human development and culture... continue reading

The Silver Lining - Edits!

The Silver Lining – Edits! So excited that I can now talk openly about the book. Wowsy. In fact, today, we finalized the press release... continue reading

Bookworm: Alice Hoffman Survival Lessons

Alice Hoffman Survival Lessons Wow. Wow. Wow. Last night I read Alice Hoffman’s new book Survival Lessons. I may read it again tonight…and tomorrow night. Please don’t... continue reading

Bookworm: Eleven Days by Lea Carpenter

Bookworm: Eleven Days by Lea Carpenter Thanks to the recommendation of a bibliophile friend, I have just finished Lea Carpenter’s book, Eleven Days. Wow. It’s a great one!... continue reading

The Silver Lining A Supportive and Insightful Guide to Breast Cancer

Today is a HUMONGOUS, Silver Lining day on The Silver Pen!  I am thrilled – over the moon, actually – to announce the upcoming publication of... continue reading

Hamptons Gardens by Jack de Lashmet

Recently, I cam across the book Hamptons Gardens by Jack de Lashmet. It is a book full of drool inducing flowers, trees and gardens. Sometimes... continue reading

Bookworm: Eichmann in My Hands by Peter Z. Malkin

Because I haven’t been blown away by any new books lately, I am – for the first time in my life! – rereading my oldies... continue reading

Artful Living: Combining Art and Books

The last two posts have been a wee bit heavy what with death, anxiety and depression, so I thought I’d lighten things up a bit... continue reading

Bookworm: CZ Guest American Style Icon

My new favorite summer book is C.Z. Guest: American Style Icon by Susanna Salk. I’ve always admired her. Not only was she one of the... continue reading

Bookworm: How to Be a Friend to a Friend Who is Sick

Now, HERE my friends is an absolute MUST read: How to Be a Friend to a Friend Who is Sick by Letty Cottin Pogrebin! It... continue reading

Bookworm: Advice to Little Girls by Mark Twain

Recently, I came across the most wonderful Silver Lining book: Advice to Little Girls written by Mark Twain in 1865. In this beautiful children’s story, Mark Twain challenged... continue reading

Bookworm: It's All Good by Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow, you know, the Academy-Award winning actress, GOOP writing, bestselling cookbook author, is back with recipes for the foods she eats when she wants... continue reading

Earth Day 2013: Children's Books

You all know how I feel about including children in major events, right? Well, here are some wonderful books for talking with children about Earth... continue reading

Bookworm: Shadow of the Wind

Before our vacation last week, the HOTY (yes, he’s STILL the Husband Of The Year) asked for a book recommendation. I didn’t hesitate: The Shadow of... continue reading

Our Favorite Children's Books

On this International Children’s Book day, I thought I’d share a few of our favorite books. As you may recall, Suddenly Seven is a bit... continue reading

International Children's Book Day

You all know how much I love books and reading, right?  Well, today is International Children’s Book Day!  Yippeee doozers! Since 1967, on or around... continue reading

Bookworm: Love, Loss, and What I Wore

When I was sick, a friend sent Love, Loss, and What I Wore to me.  It was the most wonderful Silver Lining on a dark and... continue reading

Back to the Basics

Recently, I came across the most beautiful book, The Tao of Motherhood by Vimala McClure. Oh, it’s a beauty that has inspired me in the most wonderful... continue reading

Little Girl's Book Club

Sweetly Six’s “BunBun” at the Bookstore Tomorrow evening, Sweetly Six and I are attending our very first Little Girl’s book club where we will be... continue reading

Bookworm: My Last Supper

This Christmas, one of my dear friends gave me an absolutely wonderful and delightful book, My Last Supper. In the book, (the photographer and creator)... continue reading

Bookworm: The Fault in our Stars by John Green

It’s been a long time since I’ve been blown away by a book. Well, it was worth the wait. The Fault in Our Stars is the kind... continue reading

Bookworm: Capturing Camelot

My affinity for the Kennedy’s grew leaps and bounds when I met my husband. Why? Because the BOTY (at the time, Boyfriend Of The Year)... continue reading

Gift Guide: For the Book Lover

Christmas is coming. It is really coming. I can’t believe it, but it’s true. The HOTY and I are sitting down today to begin making... continue reading

Big Questions from Little People and Simple Answers from Great Minds

Hope that you all have had a beautiful, ThankFULL weekend!  I’ve been brimming over with ideas and topics about which to write, so get ready.... continue reading

Bookworm: Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls

When I was in graduate school, I was introduced to psychologist Mary Pipher, author of Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls. Wow. It was... continue reading

Bookworm: Canada by Richard Ford

“First, I’ll tell about the robbery our parents committed. Then about the murders, which happened later.” Those are the first two sentences of Richard Ford’s... continue reading

Bookworm: Charlotte Moss: A Visual Life

Yesterday was a happy, happy day because I received my highly anticipated copy of Charlotte Moss: A Visual Life. Her Visual Life is a virtual Visual... continue reading

Control (or lack thereof)

Hurricane Sandy has thrown me for one heckuva loopdeedo. I can’t stop thinking about all of my friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and quite frankly the thousands of... continue reading

Bookworm: La Dolce Vita

With the end of October (a/k/a breast cancer awareness month), I have some pink ribbon (actually pink in general) fatigue. I do. It’s true. As... continue reading

Bookworm: Little Black Jacket

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was when Mr. UPS delivered my copy of The Little Black Jacket: Chanel’s Classic Revisited By Karl... continue reading

Bookworm: Sutton

This weekend, I am sooooooo beyond excited to begin reading J.R. Moehringer’s new book, Sutton. Willie Sutton was the prolific United States bank robber convict who,... continue reading

Bookworm: The Radiation Sonnets

The other day, I was going through Sweetly Six’s bookshelves and came across this book, Radiation Sonnets. WTF is THIS doing HERE, I wondered… Well,... continue reading

Books on Music, The Brain & Emotion

Why is it that some music makes people want to get up and dance while it makes other people want to barf (e.g., Billy Idol’s... continue reading

Book Lovers Day

August 9th is a Very. Special. Day. Why? Because it’s Book Lovers Day. Oh yes it is!  The whole point of the day is to... continue reading

Summer Reading

My book constipation has been back in a BIG way! Geesh. What is book constipation you ask? Or did you? Well, in case you did... continue reading

Bookworm: Cornelia Guest's Simple Pleasures

I’m really excited to share a new book, Cornelia Guest’s Simple Pleasures. To describe the book,  it is most important to describe the author herself  –... continue reading

Bookworm: Wild

Boy, oh boy, do I have the summer read for you!  A friend recommended this book to me…no, not Oprah (though this is the first... continue reading

Bookshelves, Glorious Bookshelves!

You know how much I love books, right?  I literally love everything about them: the way they look, feel and even smell!  When I visit... continue reading


Chemo brain persists for me. F-bomb. Sometimes I get really frustrated and sad when I can’t remember things. Especially the things that I KNOW that... continue reading

Anne Lamott Some Assembly Required

Anne Lamott Some Assembly Required I have a crush on Anne Lamott. A serious crush. She had me at Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing... continue reading

SL Book: Voluntary Simplicity

Recently, I came across a majorly Silver Lined book called Voluntary Simplicity by Duane Elgin. If you saw my Clown Car post last week, you know... continue reading

SL Book: The Secret Garden

As you may recall, when I was sick, Sweetly Six and I watched a lot of Silver Lined movies, usually snuggle-buggled in bed. They were a... continue reading

SL Book: Not the Last Goodbye

  I’ve just finished the most amazing book, Not the Last Goodbye. I picked it up because I saw that it was written by David... continue reading

SL Book: Tomboy Style

My friend Julia Leach of Chance Co. turned me onto Lizzie Garrett’s Tomboy Style blog last year.  I absolutely love it.  While I tend to be... continue reading

SL Book: The Four Agreements

After dusting off my copy of The Seat of the Soul, I thought about other books that have been transformative in my life. The first... continue reading

Spring's Bounty

In perusing the internet this weekend, I was giddy to find’s feature on six new (and very special!) cookbooks for the Spring season. Though... continue reading

SL Book: When Bad Things Happen to Good People

I have a friend who is going through some major S**T right now. The kind of S**T that would make you gasp and shudder. Trust... continue reading

SL Book: American Beauty

Happy International Woman’s Day! In thinking about this special day, honoring and celebrating all things womanly, I find myself excited about the new book, American... continue reading

SL Book: Tender at the Bone

Last spring I had the great Silver Lining opportunity to hear Ruth Reichl speak as part of the UCSB Arts & Lectures Program. She is a beloved authority on foodie... continue reading

SL Book: Paris versus New York

I’m so crazy about the (relatively) new book by Vahram Muratyan, Paris versus New York: A tally of two cities. The book is a chic and... continue reading

SL Book: The House at Riverton

GREAT NEWS: I think that my book constipation is finally OVER. TMI? Sorry. It’s just that it has been months since I’ve read a book... continue reading

Tigers Aren't So Terrible

The other day, I went with a dear friend to hear Amy Chua speak about her book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. Before you... continue reading

Book Love

A perfect description of my feelings about books. They are such a Silver Lining in my life. I hope that they are for you as... continue reading

It Takes a Council To Raise a Child

I first heard about The Council of Dads from non other than the HOTY who received it from his friend Bob Miller (this is truly the... continue reading

Bambino Bibliotherapy: Nowhere Hair

Since I’m focused on writing about kids right now (working on a couple of other posts right now), I thought I’d repost a (reader favorite)... continue reading

SL Book: Food Rules

My new favorite book is Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual by Michael Pollan, illustrated by Maria Kalman. When I say favorite, I mean FAVORITE. I... continue reading

Jingle the Bells for Holiday Books

I have a long list of books that I will be giving (& hoping to read myself!) this holiday season. They are a potpourri of... continue reading

SL Book: Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel

The Silver Lining of my continued reading constipation (sorry ’bout the image, but it’s the best way to describe my inability to actually READ a book!)... continue reading

Crash into Recovery...Like a Swan

Today was a wonderfully informative and Silver Lined day. I had my first 3-month checkup with my Oncologist.  As you know, I was worried about... continue reading

SL Book: Marisa Berenson: A Life in Pictures

I’m super excited about the new must have book Marisa Berenson: A Life in Pictures (Rizzoli). I’m a little obsessed with picture books of late because... continue reading

SL Book: 40 Years Of Chez Panisse: The Power Of Gathering

A friend gave me this book recently and I am absolutely smitten by this Silver Lining.  40 Years of Chez Panisse: The Power of Gathering... continue reading

SL Book: Linda McCartney: Life in Photographs

Books are one of my passions. I love everything about them:  the way they look, smell, and feel. Oh and I also relish a fantastic... continue reading

SL Book: The Most Beautiful Book in the World

Last week, I went into my favorite independent bookstore (Tecolote in Montecito) a little downhearted and confused. Why? Well, because I've had a pickle of a time finding a book that I love-love-love. I have made valiant attempts at reading a number of books (that came highly recommended), but I couldn't focus and couldn't finish. In a nutshell: I've had ADD of the highest order. No longer thanks to: The Most Beautiful Book in the World.

SL Book: Rules of Civility

Are you ready for the perfect holiday weekend novel? I sure hope so!

SL Book (AND Movie): The Help

In the event that you haven't by any chance read the book The Help or seen the movie by the same name, then I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce both Silver Lining experiences to you! I am hopeful that you will enjoy them as much as I have!

SL Book: Lift

I've found a wonderfully inspiring and motivational book written by one of my (new) favorite authors, Kelly Corrigan. Hope you enjoy this Silver Lining book as much as I do!

SL Book: State of Wonder

Get ready for a fantastic new novel, State of Wonder by Ann Patchett, that takes you deep into the Amazon and explores the the mysteries of fertility, the complexities of female relationships, and the morality of science and entitlement. I told you it wasn't easy, but it is a page-turner!

Lovely Libraries

Libraries are one of my favorite places on earth.  Any type of library. Home library. Work library. Old fashioned libraries (from which one can actually... continue reading

SL Book: Anticancer: A New Way of Life

  A friend gave this book to me shortly after my FBC (F-bomb breast cancer) diagnosis.  I devoured it (pun intended!) immediately. In 1995, after... continue reading

SL Book: American Fashion Travel

One of my new favorite books (perhaps it's not new-new, but it's new to me!) is American Fashion Travel.

SL Book: Room

There is only one way to describe this book:  devastatingly great.  Unputdownable (is that a word?).  It’s so good that I read it in line... continue reading

Silver Lining Book: Unbroken

In the event that you have been living under a rock (like me!) and haven't heard about this book, I'm super excited to introduce it to you. Unbroken is an historical account of one WWII POW that is simultaneously enthralling, appalling, inspiring, and staggering. It certainly gives my breast cancer a great deal of perspective.

Silver Lining Book: Charlotte Moss Decorates

Charlotte Moss Decorates is my new favorite book! It is perfect antidote to all of my breast cancer side effects described in yesterday's post: chemo fog, attentional fatigue, decreased concentration and other cognitive maladies. I hope that you enjoy this wonderful Silver Lined book!

Silver Lining Book: The Tender Bar

The Tender Bar by J.R. Moehringer is a wonderful book that has added a generous Silver Lining to my library and taken my mind off the nausea of FBC.

Do Unto Others

Today I had the great Silver Lining of hearing Ruth Reichl speak as part of the UCSB Arts & Lectures Program. She is a beloved... continue reading

Silver Lining Book: The Paris Wife

A Silver Lining to my omnipresent fatigue is that I am able to read.  I can’t tell you how happy this makes me!  I’m a... continue reading

Bookworm: The Family Dinner

Last weekend, The HOTY (a/k/a Husband of the Year) and I schlepped my sinusitis-ridden, chemo-filled body to a dinner party held by Laurie David in... continue reading

Silver Lining Book: Sometimes I Feel Like a Nut: Essays and Observations

Most days Silver Linings just appear and today was no different (a SL in and of itself!).  What was different about today, however, is that... continue reading

Bambino Book: Nowhere Hair

Thanks to the Huffington Post, I have been introduced to a new book called Nowhere Hair (Silver Lining!). And wow, am I excited about it!... continue reading

Silver Lining Book: Let's Bring Back

In the event that you don’t already know about it, I’m so excited to share the most elegant little book with you: Let’s Bring Back by... continue reading

Silver Lining Book: The Invisible Bridge

A Silver Lining to this chemo side-effect laden week is Julie Orringer’s The Invisible Bridge. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love... continue reading

Brookside Loves Dancing in the Flames

A friend left the most magnificent documentary in my mailbox, Marion Woodman: Dancing in the Flames. This film is a spiritual journey that asks us... continue reading

Buzz's Bad News and Silver Linings

As many of you know, we adopted the most precious, beautiful, loving, faithful, and gorgeous (though I AM biased) black labrador  in November.  His name... continue reading

Silver Lining Book: Cutting for Stone

Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese is an wonderful story.  Wonderful doesn’t seem to do it justice. Incredible is more appropriate. I imagined that this... continue reading

Brookside Bambino and Baldness

As you know, The HOTY (Husband of the Year) and I have a 4 3/4 daughter (who is soon to be 5!). This 5th Birthday... continue reading

Silver Lining Book: The Long Way Home

Reading has been, well, a little trying for me.  Why?  Well, because FBC insists that I read and reread sentences over and over again, which... continue reading

Silver Lining Book: The Flâneur

A dear friend suggested the most beautiful image to incorporate into my post-chemotherapy slow-down (which was especially thoughtful knowing that slowing down usually isn’t in... continue reading

Silver Lining Books and Libraries

As you all may remember, I looooooove books. I love the way they look.  The way they feel. The way they smell.  Reading brings me... continue reading

Silver Lining Book: Fashion Drawing in Vogue

I am so excited to read William Packer’s Fashion Drawings in Vogue. This book documents over  70 years of the brilliant illustrations that have filled the pages... continue reading

Silver Lining Book: Syrie Maugham

A very dear friend dropped by the other day  to give me a foot rub (yes, she gave me the most thoughtful and incredible and... continue reading

Bambino Bathroom Books

4 3/4 has a nightly ritual:  every evening after dinner, she grabs a book and goes into the bathroom to do her business. I can’t... continue reading

Silver Lining Books for the Bambino

This is Thanksgiving week and therefore, I’m seeing even more SL’s (silver linings) and feeling more thankful than ever. I have been in utter amazement at... continue reading

Brookside Books

This category was inspired by the fact that I am a huge reader…or at least I dream to be. There is nothing more beautiful, soothing... continue reading

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