Making Love Last (Magazine Excerpt)

I have been in a relationship for seven years now and if there is anything I have learnt on our adventure together so far it’s this; relationships are hard. Many of us have a warped sense of what a ‘perfect’ relationship is. I blame the Hollywood love stories and Disney films we watch growing up. We create these unrealistic expectations that love is a passionate blur of butterflies and dancing in the rain but it’s not. The honest truth is that flame burns out relatively quickly, but that doesn’t mean that the time that follows is any less magical, it’s just realistic.

Love is honest, messy and complicated. Me and my partner have been through so much together but with every passing day, our relationship grows stronger. It isn’t the same as when we were seventeen, but who says that it should be? As human beings we grow and change every day, this doesn’t alter when you are in love or in a relationship. Every relationship is like a fingerprint, different and special in its own way. There shouldn’t be any rules on how it should look to others or how you should feel at certain stages in the relationship. Just love, care and trust each other and your love will last if it is meant to.

I’m not sure I believe in ‘true love’ in the same way I did when I was a little girl. Are me and my boyfriend great together? Yes. Do we love each other? Very much. But are we meant to be? I like to think there was a little helping hand from fate that brought us back together. A boy from my childhood suddenly appears and even after all of those years, I still like him and eventually grow to love him. There is something special about our story. However, I don’t think there is one perfect person for everybody, just a few people that have the same ideas about life and want to live the journey together.

If I have any advice on how to make love last, it’s to learn to navigate through your differences and embrace your similarities. Spend the time to understand each other and discover what really makes them happy. Also, enjoy what your partner has to offer you; don’t try to change them to fit your own template of how you think life or love should be.

There will be many obstacles during a long-term relationship. Arguments are inevitable, sharp tongues, tears and moments of uncertainty will arise but if you always get through them, your relationship is worth fighting for.

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Excerpt from the fifth issue of Zest For Life Magazine. Click Read More to view the full article…

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